Let’s get a bit more specific…

Boozy brown-butter rice krispy treats
Chocolate revel bars
Lavender earl grey brownies
White chocolate brownies

Carrot cake cupcakes
Cheesecake-stuffed carrot cake cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate stout, salted caramel + pretzel cupcakes
Earl grey cupcakes
‘Magic’ custard cake
Orange poppy seed cake
Red velvet cupcakes
Strawberry cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes (go to)
Vegan apple cupcakes

Breakfast cookies
Caramel-stuffed apple cinnamon cookies
Cinnamon-sugar peanut butter cookies
Coffee + white chocolate cookies
Cream cheese sugar cookies
Fudgy double-chocolate cookies (flourless)
Gooey Butter Cake cookies
Lemon cornmeal shortbread cookies
Peanut butter cookies (flourless)
Saffron-vanilla bean cookies
Single-serving chocolate chip cookies
White chocolate chip gingerbread cookies

Chocolate frosting (go to)
Cream cheese frosting
Parma violet buttercream
Swiss buttercream
Vanilla frosting
Vanilla frosting (go to)
Vegan caramel buttercream

Bananna chocolate chip loaf cake
Cornmeal loaf cake

Bacon + halloumi rolls
Bloody mary tomatoes
Brie + cranberry parcels/blossoms
‘Candy’ corn
Honey mustard cashews
Impromptu cheese straws
Parmesan shortbreads
Ten-minute mini cinnamon rolls

Cheddar cheese brûlée
Cheese + bacon quick bread
Couscous: Feta + vegetable
Crispy tofu + veggie stir fry
Gluten-free pizza base (with topping concept) (gluten free)
Lasagne: White
Legume noodle soup
Mini savoury muffins (two flavours)
Miso noodles
Scallion pancakes
Stew: Beef + sweet potato

Parmesan cheese spread
Pink grapefruit curd
Strawberry, raspberry + vanilla quick jam
The Dude


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