food and blogI caught the (primarily cupcake-related) baking bug in the autumn of 2010. I started by using pretty much any social event as an excuse to try out different flavour concepts, and started a (long defunct) Blogspot to document my various experiments and to promote my baking as a small (similarly long-defunct) business.

This incarnation of my blog was born out of the desire to informally experiment with food styling and photography, to document my trials, failures and successes in the kitchen, to talk about various hacks and techniques, to experiment with recipes and to have a laugh – and, of course, to write things that you’d like to read.

When I’m not doing this, I can be found on the production desks of various food/culture/music publications, sub-editing recipes and articles written by people who have a much better idea of what they’re talking about – and who generally swear less. I hope to one day join their ranks; fancy vanilla essence doesn’t pay for itself, y’know…

In the mean time, let’s hang out, have fun and get as much icing sugar down the back of the fridge as we damn well like.

. . .

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