Let’s get real: there isn’t always an occasion to bake a big batch of cookies.

Not all of us have flatmates, kids, a party invite or an office with more than a handful of colleagues who aren’t on a diet and/or intolerant of [name an enjoyable ingredient: any and all of those]. None of that should stop us from treating ourselves to a bit of Me Time in the form of a small stack of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies – with no massive wash-up, no spares to hunt down an airtight container for, and no need to share.

Below are all the ingredients you’ll need.

No kidding: I didn’t have to go to the shop for anything because the quantities are so small that I was actually able to find enough of each thing lurking in my cupboard. This is part brag, part amazing news for you if you’re a frequent(ish) baker, and are therefore likely to already have basics like sugar, plain flour and room temperature butter to hand (amazing news because as soon as you’re done reading this, you can leap out of your chair and be eating warm, gooey cookies in about 15 minutes).

I’ve written up my Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe for you, which I adapted from No. 2 Pencil‘s original, but we can also talk it through in pictures. I mean, that’s kind of what we do here. So.

First, mix some almost melting butter with brown and white sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt.

Then add an egg yolk, which emulsifies the mix and gives it a beautiful, sunny glow.

Then add the flour, bicarb and chocolate chips, stir to combine and do everything in your power not to start scooping the mix straight into your mouth because I mean look at that:

The original (American) recipe suggests getting two big cookies out of this batter. As soon as I’d spooned out the first dough ball I knew I’d be going for three to keep the size down, and even then my final three cookies would have dwarfed a large saucer, so maybe cookies in America are the size of dinner plates. (OMG, maybe they use cookies as dinner plates. This is amazing. I want dinner plates made out of pizza, stat.)

I chilled the dough balls for about 15 minutes before putting them in the oven, as the dough was quite soft and I was worried that they would spread too much.

I can’t say if their time in the fridge did much for the cookies’ spreading game, but what it did do was result in crispy edges and just-gooey centres.

These tasted unreal. The pinch of salt is just right to offset the sweetness of the dough, the two sugars gave the cookies a velvety softness and a slight crunch… and I was a bit heavy handed with the vanilla because I’m a fiend and I’m allowed as these were for me and me only.

These were just the thing. I spent yesterday hiking through some slightly hilly bit of Kent in constant, all-day rain while my fellow walkers mocked my choice of footwear (steel-toed Docs, which kept my feet dry and clung well to the slippery, mud-slathered terrain… I’m so silly, right?), so today was all about a lie-in, laundry and a plate of warm, melty cookies to crunch and sigh over while I went through my foggy phone shots of farmhouses and cattle (I now want a farmhouse and cattle – and pizza dinner plates).

Seriously though:

Those ducks weren’t just loving the downpour, they were being downright smug about it.

From beasts to beans: I’ll have a gorgeous legume-heavy soup for you next time. It’s a big batch, but unlike these guys, it can be stored and consumed throughout the week with little-to-no chance of giving yourself diabetes by the weekend. Win.

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