The only reason I’m sharing this is because it’s a recipe, as opposed to a bowl of toasted honey mustard cashews. Which is, in fact, what this recipe is for.

I’m afraid that much as I appreciate you and admire your superb taste in food blogs (also your hair’s looking excellent today) if it were you, me, and a bowl of these things alone in a room, I’d grab the bowl and run. You’d know not to bother chasing me because I’d have warned you about my awesome noogie skills should you catch me up.

Besides all that, this isn’t my recipe to hog (let alone administer noogies over) and the result is so tasty I’d genuinely feel bad keeping it all to my insatiable self.

I place all credit/blame for these beauties in the absurdly capable hands of one Joy the Baker, from whom frequent fliers on this blog will know I’m very fond of ‘borrowing’ recipes. (Click that link for the recipe proper; this one was a straight steal on my part.)

Spicy mustard, densely sweet honey, a kick of smoky heat from paprika and salt for ultimate moreishness. All that over raw cashew nuts, which do some time in the oven until they become a mass of crunchy, chewy, savoury-sweet morsels that hit you with a spark of heat before mellowing into cashew history.

I may have hidden a large mason jar of these nuts from myself, because while I normally have very little self-restraint, where these guys are concerned there is NO self-restraint. NONE.

If you can actually make your batch of these cashews last long enough to require storage in an airtight container, well, then, good for you.

Also: I don’t believe you.

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