This is so not a recipe.

Or, I don’t know, maybe it is… Pouring one thing onto another thing and stirring? Recipe?

Okay, fine: This is SO not a recipe, but it is very, very tasty – sort of a pro tip for two things that should absolutely hang out in a glass together. And be consumed, obviously.

My inspiration came from an afternoon spent slumped in front of my laptop watching ‘The Big Lebowski‘. Something about watching Jeff Bridges mix glass after glass of White Russians gave me a major craving for one myself, but Kahlua isn’t a frequent flyer on my liquor shelf, and I almost never have any milk, let alone cream in my fridge… I do tend to have a bit of vodka hanging about though, so that was a start.

Refusing to deal with the situation like a grown up (go to shop round corner, buy ingredients, go home and make cocktail), I remembered the little pot of joy lurking in my freezer from a previous craving that never really panned out. And thus, you lucky, lucky readers, The Dude was born:


Uh huh.

This is surely the least effortful boozy milkshake you have ever encountered, which seems quite fitting; anything called The Dude should be, first and foremost, slacker friendly.

I am fully aware of the absurdity of providing a recipe for dumping booze over ice cream, but it’s not the first time this blog has got a bit silly and, so help me Buddha, it won’t be the last. SO! Have a recipe:

The Dude


  • 100ml pot Baileys ice cream
  • 1 shot Vodka


Empty contents of ice cream pot into a glass (or, indeed, any sort of drinking vessel).

Pour shot of vodka over ice cream.

Stir until smooth.

Consume. (Possibly using a tortilla crisp as a spoon after the first few sips – the original Dude would totally abide…)

Disclaimer: Cocktail umbrella not necessary but highly encouraged because who doesn’t like a tiny accessory in their beverage?

Obviously you can make a much larger Dude – the ratio of 100ml of ice cream to one shot glass of vodka works nicely, though adding some extra ice cream would make for a thicker, more shake-like beast, whereas the consistency of what I went with is more frozen cocktail territory.

Cocktail? Recipe? Fancy words for something that occurred purely because the concept of donning footwear and opening the front door was more or less beyond me.

Also, I didn’t want to miss the bowling dream sequence.

Enjoy – and above all: Abide.

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