It’s a pun.

And a totally apt pun at that: My Foodie Pen Pal this month, Caitlin  – of whom I am not at all in awe, nor even the slightest bit envious – visited Prague (not. envious.) and brought me back a handsome stash of local flavours… from Tesco.

I KNOW. It’s brilliant that one can go to all the bother of getting away from the UK only to be confronted with an all-too-familiar grocery store, albeit one stuffed with totally unfamiliar things covered in indecipherable writing. It’s relatively straightforward what each of these things is, but it’s still fun to browse the text, looking for a word or two that rings a bell. Bananen, for example… Clearly some sort of ramen. (I am so good.)

Actually, let’s start with the packaging I could read:

A tub of Cornish sea salt and chilli flakes, raspberry white chocolate (that didn’t last very long, I’m afraid), and bagel chips – which were from Prague, but I can read the word ‘garlic’ and that’s all I need to know really (these were gone by the time I was done taking photos).

Two packets of soup, one with chicken and noodles and one incorporating the apparently omnipresent Czech dumplings, which I must say I can’t wait to try. Also a packet of spice mix which we both got a bit of a giggle out of, enjoying the Czech take on a Latin American theme.

The sweet treats were two types of gummy fruit chews – one sweet, one sweet and sour – two types of seed and nut bars (I’m a rodent when it comes to nuts and seeds, and currently a very happy rodent, yum!), and just to make sure I would feel spoiled as spoiled can be, a box of chocolate-coated banana snacks. (Sooo… Not ramen. That’s cool.)

Seriously, Czech out the banananananen things:

…And the note. Good to have an explanatory note when you’re not sure which thing is ramen, or if ‘garlic’ means the same thing in the Tescos in Prague.

Fun facts: The raspberry white chocolate is (was, heh) from the Eden Project, the Art Nouveau font on the nut bars is a bit of a thing in Prague, and the spice mix gives no discernible indication of what it wants me to do with it, apart from containing the word ‘paprika’ and other hot hot hot sounding things, so Imma gonna make me a vat of Czech Latin American chilli to ward off this grumpy British weather.

That last one was less fun, more fact.

It was very international though.

Thank you so much for my FPP haul, Caitlin – and thanks for schlepping it back from abroad! I can’t wait to try what I haven’t devoured already, it’s such a great selection of stuff… [dusts a few stray seeds off chin]

Nice people with PhD’s should definitely buy me snacks more often.

I like this game.

One thought on “Czech it out

  1. This is an awesome parcel! I admit it, I like going to the supermarket in foreign countries. Everything seems much more exotic… Banana flavoured ramen included…

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