* ‘F’ being for ‘Foodie’.


Indeed, I got another Foodie Pen Pal parcel to report back on and gloat over and all that business.

This month I got FPP’d by Georgie of the wonderfully titled Georgie Porgie’s Puddings and Pies – and this young lady was absolutely out to spoil me (and my fluffy assistant) rottener than a pair of rotten things.

(Disclaimer: We are never rotten here at B&A HQ, we are lovely. And fluffy.)

Look at the amazingness of the many things we were spoiled with by the nice internet person:

SO very spoiled, we were.

There was a gorgeous bag of spinach pasta, of the twisty variety which is excellent as I happen to know that this shape clings better to chunky sauces, and chunky pasta sauce is the way forward. And there was a bottle of hot chile sauce made with honey, garlic, and ginger, which should be excellent for marinades, stir fries, and giving my bog-standard nachos a kick up the… wahaca. Or whateva.

There was also some very tempting guava jam that came with various serving suggestions – with meat for example, like a relish or chutney – but the one that caught my eye was a very basic sandwich combo of guava jam and cream cheese. Best idea ever, were I not out of cream cheese. (Sometimes I think I can hear jars of jam laughing at me.)

Georgie also included a few recipe suggestions for each of the edibles she FPP’d me:

This was clever of her because the temptation to try making all my food gifties work together is the sort of behaviour that makes me and my blog tick (Spicy pasta topped with guava jam, wrapped in a rice/lentil pancake… It may happen yet…)  but enjoying my presents individually might be a better starting point.

Saving me from myself is always greatly appreciated.

No, really.

Then there were a few extra special treats for me, including a Kinder Egg (I love toys), giant love hearts (I love love), and a massive hunk of cinnamon cookie bar wot my awesome FPP made – it was amazing.

Chewy yet tender, a bit like the gingerbread of my (American) childhood, and covered in a sweet, sweet layer of crunchy icing.

So. Good.

Recipe please, Gerogie… [licks crumbs off face.]

AND! As if that all wasn’t enough, the beast got a treat of his own:

Like, seriously his own: That’s his “get your own tasty nibbles” face.

And then there’s the whole thing my fluffy assistant has with boxes…

Two treats for the cat, then.

Fair enough.

So! Biiiiiigbigbigbig thanks from Baking & Alchemy HQ, where we love presents and food – and packing materials.

I say unto you, Georgie: You have penpal’d like a boss.

I’ll be back soon with some baking, or some alchemy, or a bit of both.


P.S. If readers are curious about what I FPP’d a fellow food type last month, have a look at this lovely, lovely blog (and, yes, she got a hit of my most recent brownie excursion). Fun seeing one’s own handiwork on a friendly yet unfamiliar kitchen table out there in the strands of the internet.

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