There’s something to be said for minimalism.

But not much.


Some cakes are so scrummy they don’t need frosting or cream. Carrot + hummus = perfect. Bread and butter? Case in point.

If your holiday has been anything like mine, you’ve been stuffed to the gills with all types of meats, veg, cheeses, wines, and things involving chocolate. I thought I’d throw something simple out there, that takes roughly five minutes to make, is filling, comforting, and will keep you going till its time for more booze and cheese at New Years.

I first made this when I was living in yet another tiny studio flat and had a serious craving for savoury noodles of some sort. Rather than nip down to the shop for a packet of ramen or a Pot Noodle, I decided to work with what ever I had kicking about in the cupboard. What I had was a bundle of thin, uncooked rice noodles and a packet of miso paste.

Rather than fuss about with the hob, I stuck the electric kettle on (I had a wee travel sized one to go with my ickle flat) and filled a mug a third of the way with boiling water.

I stood half the bundle of rice noodles in the water and eased the noodles further into the water as the submerged bits cooked and softened.

Once the noodles were all in, I scooped out a bit of miso paste with a sundae spoon and stirred it into the concoction.

While the miso was melting, I had an epiphany and hacked up a spring onion for a bit of colour and crunch.

Et voila! Within minutes of feeling peckish for a warm, noodly snack, I had one. One which is miles better for you than those packs of 69p Super Noodles.

You’ll notice that for this post, I used pre cooked rice noodles, which come in packets, to be dumped into stir fries. Same idea: noodles, spring onions, miso paste, boiling water. Stir, sit, and slurp.

I appreciate this isn’t exactly a recipe, just an idea, but it’s a bloody good idea and I suggest you give it a shot – add other veg, perhaps, add  a dash of peanut sauce… Go nuts. (Hmm, nuts.)

Promise you a proper recipe next time.

Something for a New Years party, perhaps.

Until then…

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