Let us consider The Egg.

First off, I would like to announce that I love it when they do this:

so. cool.

The above is what happens when an egg has a crack in its shell and ends up in a pot of boiling water; the white starts to stream out but is intstantly cooked by the water and so is suspended mid-gush in artful plumes of niceness.

Kind of gross. Kind of very, very cool.

Now then, behold: An Egg.

(they call me mellow yellow.)

‘What about it?’ you ask. Well, apart from the fact that it was my breakfast and it was very nice, you will note that the yolk is yellow.

‘Er, yes…’ says you.

Says I: Well, have a look at this –

the definition of 'good egg'.

No Photoshoppery, no filters, just a very, very cool looking egg. I would have been weirded out a bit by the deep, dark orange of the yolk, only it tasted so good – so. good. – that there was no way there was something wrong with this particular egg, so surely there must be something desperately wrong with all other eggs. Right?

I was so pleased when I found a blog post from The Canal House about bright, delicious, orange eggs, and at least realised that I wasn’t (totally) losing the plot. The colour of the yolk comes from what the chickens eat, in this case, corn. There are instances of orange dye being put in the chicken feed to artificially produce the ‘healthy’ colour, but the taste won’t fool you – trust me.

What I found particularly interesting was that the carton from whence my scrummy orange eggs came was not from a farm stand or even an outrageously overpriced whole foods shop, it was just a bog-standard box of Tesco free range… The comparatively anaemic yellow yolk, amusingly enough, came from an extortionate organic place. Ha.


This, of course, means that I am now utterly spoilt, and yellow yolks just don’t look as appealing to me. I mean, try not to fall in love  with this ^ gorgeous guy. Healthy eggs: Nature’s own brand of alchemy.

Right. Now I’m hungry.

And I promise – promise – that the next post will involve cooking and recipes and all that jazz. Okay, no jazz. I have a few cupcake-centric events coming up, and there is no way I am keeping all the madness to myself.

Until then…

One thought on “(Nothing to do with Easter) Eggs

  1. I have never seen an orange yolk! I’m amazed that you ate it…there must be other, er – alternatively tinted – foods to serve with orange eggs. Purple tomatoes? White raspberries? Surely there are more.

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