After many essentially false-starts on other sites, I thought it was time to pull my socks up, get serious, and get properly stuck in to one of my better habits: blogging.

Of course, this thought occurred to me at work, when I’m meant to be… eh, working… so the sock pulling and seriousness may have to wait until the weekend when I will not be hung over (bloody New Years Resolution, bloody low-carb diet… bloody good idea, unfortunately) and will therefore be knocking about my wee studio, looking for something to do other than address the post-move clutter – and ensuing mission to Ikea – so settling into my new virtual home seems like an appropriate distraction from my new physical home…

Welcome, by the way. Pull up a chair. Or a box. I’d offer you tea but the mugs are still packed – hopefully not in the box you’re sitting on.

Nice to meet you, my name’s Polly.

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